Vyugova Rimma Nikolaevna

 Member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia and the International Federation of Artists

1982 – has ended Moscow Art-professional college Of Kalinin. Painting faculty.

1990-1997 - annual exhibitions in «Small town of masters» Arkashon France

1997г., 2001г. – teaching activity (master class) France.
1998 – participation in a regional exhibition «Big Volga».
1999г., 2000г., 2002г., 2003г. – personal exhibitions in Bordeaux, Toulouse France.
2002г. – a personal exhibition. Vienna, Austria.
2003г., 2004г. – participation in a regional exhibition "PermArt".
2004г., 2007г, 2009г. – personal exhibitions to Izhevsk.

Now works and restores icons in Preobrazhenija Gospodnja temple Izhevsk, it is exposed in the Moscow galleries.